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Proper shoe care often extends their use and, consequently, their durability and high quality. AGDA brand footwear is made of the best components, but to maintain their class for longer, you should remember a few simple maintenance rules.

1. Using footwear as intended

The most important guidelines that we should pay attention to first are the manufacturer’s instructions attached to the shoes. Each user must be aware of what material the shoes are made of, because this determines the circumstances in which they can be used. Boots made of suede material exposed to moisture or mud will be permanently discolored or deformed.

2. Impregnation and care of footwear only with tested products

Professional shoe impregnation and cleaning products will help keep your shoes in good condition for longer. Depending on the type of material the footwear is made of, we use cleaning agents dedicated to this product. Also remember to test the agent first on an invisible part of the footwear. This will protect the shoe in the event of an unwanted reaction of the material with the cleaning agent.

3. Never wash your shoes in a washing machine

Cleaning dirty footwear should be done with particular care and only with products intended for this purpose. Please remember to never wash your shoes in a washing machine, as the effects of contact with detergents may be irreversible.

4. Dry shoes only at room temperature

In the case of shoes that are wet due to weather conditions or due to maintenance activities, remember to dry them properly. Leave wet shoes to dry at room temperature away from the heater and fireplace. Drying should be done slowly and with extreme caution. To avoid distortions, use dedicated shoe trees and place them inside the shoe.

5. Only care for your skin the right way

Clean footwear made of full-grain leather or synthetic materials with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. Wait until the soaked shoes dry and then spread the paste thoroughly over the entire surface of the shoe. Always choose polishes that match the color of your shoes, or colorless ones. After the paste dries, polish the shoes with a soft cloth until shiny.

Products made of suede or velvet leather are more susceptible to dirt than grain leather. When cleaning, remember to pay attention to the fluff where dirt is trapped. Rubbing the suede with a cloth will definitely make the problem worse, so start cleaning by combing the shoes with a professional brush and then using an eraser to remove deeper dirt. Remove stains and discolorations with a soft cloth and then rinse the entire shoe. After wiping the shoes with a dry towel, leave them to dry at room temperature. When the footwear is dry, protect the leather with a professional spray intended for this type of leather.

6. How to choose the right shoe size

1. Place your foot on a piece of paper
2. Mark 2 horizontal lines as shown in the picture
3. Measure the distance between your longest toe and your heel
4. Add 4-5mm of clearance to the measurement obtained
5. Compare the result obtained with the insert length given in our size table.

Repeat this process with the other foot. If the second foot is slightly longer than the first, use this longer length to select the size.





7. Designation of materials used in the production of shoes