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Comfort System

In response to the market demand for footwear that is characterized by high flexibility and comfort, Agda has implemented a new Komfort design line.
The footwear produced in our company is made of 100% natural leather of the highest quality, and special shoe inserts are also used, made of carbon fiber-coated foam, which greatly increases comfort while walking.

Attention to the smallest finishing details makes the use of our footwear pleasant and, above all, healthy for the feet and the entire body. The comfort line footwear is characterized by increased width: “F” “G” “H” For the models of formal shoes, unusual sizes of men’s shoes are used: 38 – 48.

The assortment of the comfort design line of the AGDA brand includes: shoes, Chelsea boots, boots, moccasins, boots in rich colors and various styles.
In 2020, due to the difficult situation on the footwear market, the Komfort line was expanded to include women’s shoes.